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An FYI for anyone who missed out on some Twitter impulsiveness early this afternoon.

I began Twitter in December of 2008 after seeing how Andrea Michnik, a very smart DC gal I went to High School with, was using it. Not fully understanding the professional potential that came with it, I decided on the longtime nickname "Mittons" as my user name. It was a nickname I always loved and think of fondly. Unfortunately, people started to think my last name was Mittons which it is not.

So ... today I changed my name to Kelly_Mitton. You can now find me here. :) I also changed the name of my blog-instead of "student mitton" I'm now "Kelly Mitton".

The gears in my brain started turning after Stephanie Lloyd, former Twitter ATLrecruiter, changed her name. KellyMitton wasn't available so I kind of just gave up on it. Then today, employerbrander, now known as ChareeKlimek changed hers. In a rush of impulsiveness 10 minutes later I had not only a new name, but a new picture as well. Followed by us was sbjet who you will now find tweeting under SteveBoese.

I'm happy to have made the change and am glad to see others are also. Our tweets represent our personalities, thoughts, interests ... similarities and differences. Why shouldn't our user names represent us as well?

Betcha people remember my last name now. ;-)


After I posted this I learned of 2 additional converts. The first is allenEwilson, formerly known as hrdrummer. The second is more of a congratulations. Laurie Ruettiman has finally succeeded in taking over punkrockhr!!

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  1. Awesome post Kelly! It is pretty cool to have our 'real names' out there I think. It is pretty cool how it all happened as well, it speaks to the great community we have on Twitter.
    Very, very excellent.