Get off Twitter ... and connect!

I wrote this after participating in the second HR Happy Hour hosted by Steve Boese and Shauna Moerke. Literally. I handwrote it at 2am after waking up with the idea and not wanting to let it go. In the morning, I knew I had written something, but absolutely no recollection of what it was. That's why I always keep a pen and notepad near ... if I don't pin it down it I might never get it back!

Throughout the hour, every topic seemed to somehow tie back to Twitter or the conversation find its way back. The statement was made that despite how easy it is to be caught up in the Twitterverse ... it doesn't all come back to Twitter all the time. How much of a good thing is bad? Here's what I've learned ...

Lisa Rosendahl thought in 140 characters when she started tweeting. I organize notes and folders by hashtags. Punk Rock HR has an awesome organge kitty, Mr. Scrubby. Some think not of peoples real names, but of their Twitter names. The HR Maven is a fantastic photographer. The list could go on and on ... but the point is that this is a community and friendships just like ones in the city we live. They are just formed on technological playing field.

It comes down to personal choices. We can tweet a lot, we can tweet a little. We CAN let it consume our thoughts. But if that happens, don't forget about fresh air, conversations that don't start with an @ symbol and to live life. Maybe invite a Twitter friend or two to a phone conversation or if you are in the same city, for coffee.

FYI if you're ever in Buffalo, I would much rather prefer a margarita. ;-)


  1. Good points Kelly, and I think your observations were really the basis of starting the HR Happy Hour shows in the first place. We can and should try to connect offline as much as possible, and when that is not really possible or practical, tool like Twitter or the call in show can and do provide a great platform as well. Next time I am in Buffalo, the margaritas are on me!

  2. Absolutely Steve. I guess we all have to thank Mark Stelzner for really bringing that thought to the forefront!