Growing Pains

It's been awhile since I've really written on this blog. Project Cubicle was a fun post that came easily to me after working with Ben to create our "commandments." However, a comment that was left in the post before that, "Appreciating My Insides" has been eating away at me ever since I saw it. Mark Stelzner left the comment and it read:

"Terrific post Kelly and I'm really glad to see you writing as I think you have some powerful things to say. You've tapped into an interesting topic and I think (unfortunately) that most don't take the time to get past the external to even consider the internal. Thank for reminding us all!"

This comment brought 2 different emotions to me the first time I read it. 1)- It made me happy 2)- It terrified me. Let me explain.

The blogs I love to read are all written by people who DO have something powerful to say. They have experiences, opinions and beliefs. I'm still working on that. Sometimes, I feel like Ariel when her voice is locked up in the seashell hanging around Ursula's neck. I'm relatively new to the HR world having just graduated in December and it's early for me to have opinions on certain things. I have thoughts, of course. But some topics and debates I'm still feeling out for myself. That's why I love the Social Media world .. it has opened my eyes to so much more than a textbook could. I'm a sponge, constantly trying to absorb the conversations going on around me and learn from them.

So what powerful things do I have to say? Well to be completely honest, I'm not sure yet. So from now on every week I will write about my days at work, testing out the HR world. What I've learned, what I like, what I don't like. Contribute to my learning if you can ... maybe I'll end up teaching you a thing or two as well. ;-)


  1. You'll find your voice. It will take several attempts, but you get it eventually. Just write what you like and experiment and find something that you want to do. It took me a couple years to get the blogging down. Don't worry about it.

    Good luck

  2. I agree with Tracy...plus, I think your blog is a fine place to test your theories and thoughts -- and through comments and dialogues, you will get different perspectives in return. Luckily we are all still learning :)

    From my standpoint, I think you have very refreshing and thought-provoking insights -- it doesn't matter if they come from experience or from curiosity :)