Goodbye Buffalo, Hello San Antonio!

There’s a reason I haven’t posted lately, I swear!

The dog ate it.

Kidding! Per my crazy life, there have been quite a few changes lately. The biggest, HUGEST of them is ...

I’m no longer a Buffalonian.

In a short time period, I’ve relocated to San Antonio, Texas. There are many new opportunities facing me both professionally and personally that I’m filled with excitement and gratitude from.

This is a shocker, I know. I’m an advocate of Buffalo. Our food, our people, our community. Buffalo is a hidden gem that I hope someday gets polished ‘til she shines. I will still be a Buffalonian at heart, just like I’m still a Chief from my crazy HS days at Iroquois Central. And you bet I’ll always be a Bills fan! A few things I’ll miss ...

  • Mighty Taco
  • Tim Horton’s
  • Jim’s Steakout
  • Bar Bill in East Aurora (You want the best wings? Go there)
  • Passionate Bills & Sabres fans
  • Family & Friends
  • 4 seasons
  • Pine trees
  • Being a half hour from the Canadian border and Niagara Falls
  • David Paterson (LIE. BS governor)
  • Sponge candy, chicken finger subs, sahlens hot dogs, weber’s mustard, beef of weck, chicken wings, loganberry, bison chip dip, chef’s pasta sauce ... (the list could go on and on)

Here’s what it comes down to ...

Life is about opportunity. It knocks everyday. It can sometimes be a gut instinct, sometimes impulsive. The difference between those who are “lucky” and those who aren’t, is that the “lucky” ones, give in to that instinct. They see it, they take it.

Scary? Sometimes. Risky? Of course. But I’ve taken my opportunity and embraced the crazy.

Have you?


  1. Well said my girl. Life is indeed about opportunity. However, as you preceed through life and make your own "luck," there will be those obvious (crazy, as you call them) impulses that are, believe it or not, easy to give in to. Then there will be the more subtle, nail biting, soul searching questions that beg to be answered. Those are the ones we search for on our own. And when they're answered, no matter what the outcome, we're truly fulfilled. I define "lucky" as being happy.

    Take care, be safe, good luck, and carry on! I hope our paths will cross again!!


  2. Good luck on your new adventures! Moving away from home is one of the scariest but best experiences I've had to date!