The Fight Against Cancer

I don’t believe in regret. Despite all of the silly, stupid, senseless things I may have done (and will probably do) in my life, I refuse to let regret rule my emotions. However, there is one thing I do regret … and it haunts me everyday.

The summer before my junior year of High School, my Mother was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. This also happened to be the same summer my teenage rebellious streak hit full force. I spent the summer and much of the school year sneaking out of the house, stealing the family van and in detention … or suspension. I cut class, lied, fought with my family and talked back to everyone and anyone.

I took advantage of the state my Mother was in. Even as I write this now, I am fighting back tears because it’s the one thing I hate about myself. I snuck out when she was too weak to come after me because of chemotherapy. When she tried to discipline me, I told her I hated her. She had CANCER.

I can’t believe I am admitting this to the world.

Years later, my Mother is my best friend. Despite how I acted, she fought to bring me back to the person she knew I was and could be. She beat her cancer and she helped me fight inner demons at the same time. She is the strongest, most inspirational person that I know. No matter what life throws at her, she bounces back with a smile and spring in her step. I look to her for advice on almost everything, even though I don’t always want to listen. I couldn’t imagine living life without her by my side and on my team.

Mom, I love you. I’m so sorry. Thank you for being my real life superhero.

Cancer is something that we are all affected by in one way or another. I full heartedly support any fundraisers that come my way surrounding this subject. Roswell Park Cancer Institute is doing wonderful things here in Buffalo, NY and they could not continue without the support of our community.

Jessica Manocchio, a PR professional who works in my office, is participating in Team Cure Challenge. This is a fundraising effort nationwide to help raise money for Cancer Institutes. After being personally affected, she has dedicated many hours into raising money and will be running in the Team Cure Challenge in Tahoe. They will represent Buffalo as “The Running Buffaloes.”

Currently, they are halfway to their goal of $8,000. Please read her story here and consider donating to this wonderful cause. Her team is also raffling off Buffalo Bills tickets to raise money! Click here for more information and the chance to win! Even if you don’t win the tickets, you are helping win the fight against cancer.

One of out three American’s will be diagnosed with cancer sometime in their life. Let’s work together and fight for a cure!


  1. That is a remarkable story and very brave of you to share it so openly. My best wishes for the continued health of your Mom.

  2. Thanks Steve.

    I shared this with my Mom and she cried, her response made me cry. She said she thinks the reason she was diagnosed was to help us learn together and build a stronger relationship. Nothing like taking the good with the bad huh?

  3. Your Mom is an amazing women. Give her a big hug for me.

  4. Kelly, This is truly a beautiful, honest, and heartfelt post. As a mom, I can honestly say that no matter how small or big the challenges and "bumps in the road" get, they are nothing compared to the treasure of relationship like the one you all share as a result.

  5. Thank you for sharing. I lost my mom to cancer and I love to hear of those that recognize the beauty of the unconditional love they give us. It is important to recognize we are who we are - largely because of our Moms. Thanks for the smile on my face right now and yes I will send support.

  6. Kelly - I just got to read your story. As a mom myself, I'm sure your mom cried knowing that her hard work has paid off and you are a beautiful young woman. One can't explain the power of a mothers love without experiencing it. I also bet that your acting out was in some way a response to the absolute fear and frustration that you had with your mom's cancer. I'm so glad you shared your story!