What's a Birthday anyway?

So ... tomorrow is my Birthday. I will be a whooping 23 years of age.

I'm still excited about Birthdays. My Mom almost couldn't have dinner with me, and I was crushed. I am looking forward to brownies and blowing out candles with my wonderful family around me ... of course in 23 year old fashion going out on the town with girlfriends!

I guess I'm not a grown up yet. Grown ups always complain about Birthdays. "Don't wish me Happy Birthday" "One more year of getting older" "I don't want to think about it ... " WHY!?

My Birthday is MY DAY to celebrate how far I have come in the past year. My efforts, my failures, my accomplishments. I am much further today, than I was last year, turning 22. I worked at 2 new internships, was the President of UB SHRM, graduated, got a job and an apartment. My Birthday is always my year in reflection. Next year, turning 24 I know I will be much further than I will be tomorrow, at 23. And that is how I know I will always have GOOD birthdays, to look forward to. I'm young, but I strive to make each year, each day just a little better then the last.

I also get to eat as much Birthday cake as I want.

The strategies may change, the goals may change. But March 11th will always be my day of celebration. It's what keeps me moving forward. Why would I want to set myself up for a bad birthday? I work for it everyday of the year. Maybe as I get older, that will change. A Birthday will become ... just a birthday. A year will go by so quickly, I won't even see it. But I hope not!

So, when do YOU celebrate yourself?


  1. Well, happy birthday to you! You are very mature for your age. That's a big predictor of success, in my experience.

    I celebrate myself whenever I have a good hair day. That only happens once a year, so it's kinda like a birthday. :)

  2. Hope you had a fabulous birthday!

    I also L*O*V*E Birthdays.....cake, margaritas, presents....What's not to love?

    This past year I turned 40....yes, 40! People from the office were commenting on celebrating the anniversary of my 29th bday.....was a little confusing to me! No.....I'm forty baby and proud of every year, month, day that got me here!

    Enjoy my friend! Your positive outlook will serve you well.